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Breivik, and what Israel has done to the Movement

Breivik is mad. Like a good many madmen of his type, he is attracted to joining secret societies (the Freemasons, a "Knights Templar" organisation which may have never existed accept in his head) and wearing odd costumes (only recently, he has requested that he be allowed to wear a special uniform to his first court appearance). While not a psychiatrist, I am sure that he will be diagnosed as schizophrenic, narcissistic, histrionic and the rest. What concerns me here - and what should concern the nationalist movement - is that his actions stemmed, by a crazed logic, from his pro-Israel, anti-Muslim, anti-Left but anti-racialist (or, as he calls it in his voluminous manifesto, anti-'ethnocentric) political beliefs. All his ideological firepower, so to speak, was aimed at Islam - and he states, repeatedly, that he has no objection to immigrants that assimilate, and that his objections to Muslims aren't on the grounds of race (in fact, he chides the BNP for being too 'ethnocentric'; and, as for white nationalist and Neo-Nazi types, he abominates them). This deracinated, pro-Israel and anti-Muslim ideology is inspired, in turn, by the slew of professional anti-Muslim bloggers on Document.Nu, Atlas Shrugs, Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, and others. In turn, politically, this ideology makes itself felt in Geert Wilders, the Danish People's Party, the Norwegian Progress Party (of which Breivik was once a member) and the English Defence League.

This is where Breivik stands. A great many professional Anti-Fascist media types have tried to link Breivik with white racialism, Neo-Nazism and neofascism; the British tabloids, always obsessed by bringing everything back to the Germans, Hitler and National Socialism, have pinned the label 'Neo-Nazi' on him. But, unfortunately for them, Breivik has left us an obsessively detailed political manifesto which tells us what his exact position is (he declares, outright, that he is part of the 'Gates of Vienna' school). This has saved journalists the trouble of working out what Breivik's ideology was exactly, and so now, thanks to it, the truth is beginning to emerge.

Another problem, for the anti-racist agitators, is that the victims of the attack were primarily white Norwegians. (The picture above is of the teenage attendees at the Labour Party youth camp in Utoeya, who have barricaded themselves in a room and are listening while Breivik, outside, is shooting their friends dead). Breivik didn't park a truck bomb outside a Norwegian mosque, and he didn't shoot up a Muslim neighbourhood in downtown Oslo. While he may have hated Muslims, his violence was directed at whites. (The footage of blood-splattered Norwegians, clambering from the rubble of the bombed government building, is shocking to Western media audiences: we are used to seeing blown-up people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Libya - but blown-up people who are non-white, not women who look like our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters). Again, this truth can't be ignored - neither can the fact that the mourners, in Norway, are white to the last man, woman and child. (The immigrant and Muslim population of Norway doesn't seem to have turned out to mourn, despite immigrants being now 11% of the Norwegian population).

Nationalists are, in fact, not a violent bunch: aside from the odd street brawl with a commie or Antifa, they don't engage in violent activity, especially not terrorism. for one thing, they understand that terrorism doesn't work. Muslims, for instance, are now 3.4% of the Norwegian population, or 166,000, and even a slaughter on the scale of 9/11 would hardly make a dent in the Norwegian Muslim population. Even so, the question is: why did Breivik kill his own kind? Why he did he kill young Norwegian women - the progenitors of future Norwegians? Surely a 'cultural conservative' (which is what Breivik claims to be) would want continuity of his culture, his nation and his people? Isn't that what conservatism, and the ideology of the Far Right, is about? None of it makes sense.

But, in fact, it does make sense, once you consider the fact that the youth wing of the Labour Party were behind a push for a boycott campaign against Israel, were the targets (along with the Norwegian government itself) of repeated Israeli and Jewish criticism, and so were prime examples of the 'leftism' and 'treason' and 'Marxism' (i.e., left-liberalism that is opposed to Israel and supports Palestinians) that Breivik, and the 'Gates of Vienna' school, find so reprehensible. 'Norway', states Breivik, 'should do more to support Israel'. And so, the result is that Breivik's furious violence is directed, not against Muslim immigrants (who were allowed into Europe in the millions, after ceaseless "anti-racist" agitation by Jews and others in the 1960s) but against young white people.

The anti-Zionist liberal Jew, Gilad Atzmon, writes an article which lifts the lid on Breivik's ideology - showing how Breivik's actions can only be understood by taking into account Zionism (and what Atzmon calls 'Jewishness'):

      Anders Behring Breivik might indeed, have been a Sabbath Goy.

     Within its Judaic mundane-societal context, the Sabbath Goy is simply there to   
     accomplish some minor tasks the Jews cannot undertake during the Sabbath. But
     within the Zion-ised reality we tragically enough live in, the Sabbath Goy kills for the
     Jewish state. He may even do it voluntarily.

     Being an admirer of Israel, Behring Breivik does appear to have treated his fellow
     countrymen in the same way that the IDF treats Palestinians.

     Devastatingly enough, in Israel, Behring Breivik found a few enthusiastic followers  
     who praised his action against the Norwegian youth. In the  Hebrew article that
     reported about the AUF camp being pro Palestinian and supportive of the Israel
     Boycott Campaign,  I found the following comments amongst other supports for the

     24. “Oslo criminals paid”

     26. “It’s stupidity and evil not to desire death for  those who call to boycott Israel.’

     41. “Hitler Youth members killed in the bombing of Germany were also innocent.
     Let us all cry about the terrible evil bombardment carried out by the Allied…We
     have a bunch of haters of Israel  meeting in a country that hates  Israel in a
     conference that endorses the  boycott.. So it’s not okay, not nice,  really a tragedy
     for families, and we condemn the act itself, but to cry about it? Come on. We Jews
     are not Christians. In the Jewish religion there is no obligation to love or mourn  for
     the enemy.”

     The full facts of the Norwegian tragedy are, as yet, unknown, but the message
     should by now be transparently and urgently clear to all of us: Western intelligence
     agencies must immediately crackdown on Israeli and Zionist operators in our midst,
     and regarding the terrible events of the weekend, it must be made absolutely clear
     who it was that spread such hate and promoted such terror, and for what exact

Yes, just like Breivik, the white men of the RAF and USAAF killed many German young people during the Allied bombardment of Germany in WWII: just like in the above picture, there were many beautiful, blond, blue-eyed girls, huddling in shelters, waiting for the violence, the systematic mass killing, outside the shelter to subside. What motivated the Allied airmen? At first, saving the British Empire from Hitler; then, saving the Soviet Union from Hitler. Both the Empire, and the USSR, have long since gone. But there was another motivating factor, which served as the basis of the ideology of the generals and politicians on the Allied side, which is still with us in an attenuated form today: the desire to wreak vengeance, a terrible, Old Testament Biblical vengeance, on Germany for its treatment of the Jews. This campaign of vengeance was directed, in the last analysis, by the American Jews in Roosevelt's administration - his 'Brains Trust', and post-war, the American Jews Henry Morgenthau Jr. and Harry Dexter White designed the post-war occupation policy of Germany, which led to the death, by starvation and exposure, of millions of German civilians and POWs. All of this 20th century history, unfortunately, has a bearing on today. After all, the Progress Party, was, like the German NSDAP, another socialist, left-wing party (with a strong youth wing) which opposed Jewish interests. And, by the perverted logic of the Israeli posters quoted above, any opposition to Jews merits a death sentence. 'You criticise behaviour by Jews; therefore, you hate Jews; therefore, you want to destroy the Jewish people; therefore, in order for the Jewish people to live, you must die'. Again and again, we see this syllogism run its course. This is why 3.5 million Palestinians are interned in a giant open-air concentration camp: they are, collectively, 'terrorists', who 'want to murder the Jews'.

Breivik was on the Far Right - the Israeli Far Right, to the right of Netanyahu and Likud. By serving subscribing to the ideology of the deracinated, and pro-Israel, 'Gates of Vienna' school, he was, in fact, subscribing to the ideology of Israel; and, by destroying enemies of Israel - who were actively, determinedly working for a boycott, something which Israel bitterly opposes - he was serving Israel's purpose. This was a more ferocious incident of terrorism than any directed against Israel in recent years. If this is a war, Israel is winning the casualty-exchange ratio, hands-down: Israel has one or two ineffective toy rockets piffed at their settlement of Askahlon, near Gaza, now and then, but that's about it. The majority of Israelis are sitting pretty, free to write derogatory posts like those above, while their enemies in the Arab world - and now the West - are being torn to bits.

(This casualty-exchange ratio, between Jew and non-Jew, is similar to that of WWII, according to the revisionist Walter Sanning. In his revisionist classic, 'The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry' (1983), the number of European Jewish deaths during the time of the "Holocaust" was only 304,000 (compared to a 7 million German war dead); in the USSR, 1 million Jews died, out of 32 million Soviets dead).

This is why I suggest (only half-jokingly) that nationalists do their bit and help out the whites of Norway make up the numbers lost in this attack - by marrying Norwegian women and having large families. That is the best revenge we can have on the Breiviks, Israel and the 'Gates of Vienna' school, who helped manipulate a man in his madness to commit violence against the helpless civilian men, women and children of a white, Western European nation.

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