Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deadbeats in the Movement: the Extreme Left, the Extreme Right and the Scum

Again and again one has to ask: why is that extremist political movements, of both the extreme Left and Right, attract so deadbeats, losers, mentally-subnormal people, wasters, lumpenproles, scum?

I have to qualify my statement here, and specify which type of person I'm talking about. The type is: someone who is intensely alienated from their community and the society around them; who doesn't have the strength to hold down a job; is constantly in debt or in financial trouble, is pursued by creditors, or chased by debt-collectors, who can't, or won't pay utilities bills, phone bills, Internet bills, etc.; who has a history of brushes with the law; who can't be trusted with money or any sort of responsibility; who generally isn't someone you'd want, over in your house, for dinner, or to live with, or work with; who often suffers from what modern-day psychologists call a 'personality disorder'; who won't keep their house, their front yard, or anything, clean and tidy; who, in general, is a species apart, from all the apparently nice, normal decent people who appear to make up around 90% or so of the white population out there, who we live with, socialise with and work with.

I have run into, quite often, people of this type, on both sides of politics. On the Far Right, frequently, this type isn't interested, a jot, in the (white) community and society around them, or the fate and well-being of the Western culture and civilisation as a whole; in fact, they are so alienated from it - so far outside its traditional laws, customs and morals - they would be freaks and outcasts even in an ethnically-homogenous white society (like that of the 1950s and 1960s). They are racialist, but not out of love, or a sense of involvement with, or a feeling of concern with, the white race and the white peoples of the West. No, they are racialist, merely out of a desire to place themselves above, to hierarchisise themselves, the Chinese, Indian and Arab immigrant populations. They may be low in the totem pole, so to speak, among white people, but, they assure themselves, they are superior - in some way - to the Chinese, the Indians, the Muslims. We nationalists know what type of groups, within the nationalist spectrum, individuals of this type gravitate to (I won't name any of them here, lest I offend the sensibilities of "comrades" in the movement).

On the Left, the situation is, more often than not, just as bad. We have anarchists who live in squats, on a level little better than the animals whose rights they claim to champion; sexual deviates, who use their deviancy as the basis of a (wholly new, and really un-Marxist) form of anti-capitalist and neo-Marxist politics; ferals and dirty, grubby hippie types, often young, who waste time and money (not their own, but money from the welfare state) on pointless "anti-fascist" "activism", instead of marrying, starting a family, working, providing for one's children, paying off a mortgage and mowing the front lawn, like most decent white people do.

The good-for-nothings on the Left claim to represent the working classes, and some of the good-for-nothings on the Right claim to be "National Socialists" in the German tradition. But (bear in mind that the NSDAP was the National Socialist German Workers Party) neither of them work. It takes discipline to hold down a job, which can sometimes be a drudgery; which can require getting up, very early in the morning, and commuting long distances; and working with unpleasant (and, nowadays, often Chinese, Muslim, African and Indian) colleagues and a customer base. And that is a discipline that our good-for-nothings just don't have.

It is these people who are the true race traitors. While the immigrant Indian or Chinese comes to our country, marries, breeds (and non-white immigrants to Australia are prolific breeders), gets a job, takes a mortgage, and brings more and more of his relatives, from his country, and takes full advantage of the existing opportunities here, the deadbeat Leftist or nationalist does nothing: he lives as a fringe person in his own society. By living what is (by the standards of any society) a worthless and immoral existence, he is leaving the country wide open for exploitation, by non-whites, who will take up all the obligations of a normal working, family person and thereby end up supplanting him in his own country. The Leftist or nationalist who is a deadbeat is, in effect, practising individualism - and by individualism, I mean a lack of any responsibility to one's white community as a whole.

Why? Both the extreme Left and Right are fringe movements (for the time being) and, as a result, tend to attract fringe people: that's the conventional answer. I wonder, now, though, whether this explanation really goes to the root of the problem: I'm becoming more and more convinced that the answer lies in ideology.

In Marxism and anarchism, for example, we have an anti-work ideology. Marx famously refused to work, and support his wife and children, because he was determined not be a labouring machine, exploited by capitalism for profit. (We can see, of course, how Das Kapital justifies precisely this sort of attitude). As a result, his wife and children starved, and lived in squalor - simply because the father, the traditional breadwinner and patriarch, refused to perform his duties. Anarchism is the same, of course, but at least they are a little more honest about 'not liking work' than the Marxists.

In nationalism, however: where does the justification come from? Well, one has to look at the work of our most revered intellectuals. Take this excerpt from Savitri Devi's The Lightning and the Sun, 'Kalki, the Avenger':

The streets are full of dregs of humanity, at least full of bastards and of sub-men. One only has to look at the faces one sees in the over-crowded buses, or in the cinemas and dancinghalls and cafes in large towns, nay even in small ones, even in the countryside, everywhere, save in those lands in which the dominant race is relatively pure. It is a pitiful sight; a pitiful world; a world up-side-down; a world in which the average cat or dog is, as such, immeasurably healthier, more beautiful — more perfect — than the average man or woman and a fortiori than the average post-1945 State ruler; nearer to the ideal archetype of his species than most present-day human beings and specially than the official (and the hidden) leaders of the present-day “free world” — President Eisenhower (or rather, Mr. Baruch) Churchill, Mendes-France, etc., (let alone their most obedient servants Konrad Adenauer, Theodor Heuss and Co) — ever were to the ideal archetype of man, God’s masterpiece.

If only the, ugly sub-men were capable of lofty thoughts — or simply
of thought — that would be something! But they are not. And their leaders are worse than they, not better. True, they all speak of “free thinking”; speak of it, and write about it. They criticise their former friends (the Communists) for “killing individual thought.” Yet they are themselves the first ones to lack both freedom of judgement and individuality. They all have the same views; and the same ideal. Their views are those of the ruling press. Their ideal is to “get on in life,” i.e., to make money and to “be happy,” which means: to enjoy tasty food, fine clothing, lodgings provided with the latest commodities; and, in addition to that, as often as possible, a little drink, a little light music, a little sport, a little love-making. Maybe, they call themselves Christians — or Hindus, or anything else. But whatever religion they might profess, their faith is skin-deep. Nothing, absolutely nothing more-than-personal — and, a fortiori, more-than-human, — interests them. The one thing they all pray for, when they pray at all, is “peace”; not the unassailable, inner peace of the Best (of which they have not the foggiest experience), but peace in the sense of absence of war; the indefinite prolongation of a “status quo” which allows them to think of to-morrow’s little pleasure without the fear of to-day’s deadly danger; peace, thanks to which they will, undisturbed, — so they hope — be able to go on rotting in the midst of that increasing comfort, which technical progress secures them; peace, thanks to which they expect to remain (or gradually to become) happy — in the manner pigs are happy, when they have plenty to eat and clean straw to lie upon.
Hardly the thoughts of someone who is 'well-adjusted'! Now, of course, the brilliant Devi has an axe to grind, true. But the sort of alienation, evinced in the above quotation, is hardly conducive to discipline - the discipline of paying one's bills; paying one's debts; of getting up on time; of going to work; of caring for people who are dependent on you and more vulnerable than you (e.g., children); of not lying... In short, if you start to think things really are as bad as Devi says, you are not going to put the effort in - into working, keeping alive, being a responsible person in this society of ours.

Without the acknowledgement of customs and rules - and a society is made up of customs and rules - a society, no matter what colour it is, just can't survive. The reason why Anglo-Saxon societies (such as in North America, or (white) South Africa, or Australia and New Zealand) do so well is that, traditionally, they have stuck, more than most, to these rules. Whereas certain other ethnic groups - even within the white race - don't stick to these rules, and in fact, seem to be convinced that lying (for instance) in business, or everyday life, is a way of 'getting ahead'.

In the same way, someone who reads Das Kapital, and believes in it, is going to be less inclined to work in the capitalist system. After all, the central thesis of that book is that anyone who does work is getting 'done over', exploited, and horribly, by the capitalist, for the sake of capitalist profits. Labour, in the capitalist economy, is, in essence, exploitation, pure and simple. This intellectual thesis filters down to the deadbeat, work-shy Leftist.

The deadbeats in the nationalist scene, of course, often (in my experience, at any rate) don't read Savitri Devi (they tend not to read at all). But ideas, at the top end of the spectrum, have a tendency to filter down to the lower end. The ideas of a Devi, a Yockey, an Evola, do tend to descend to the (less intellectual) on the Far Right, and so a lumpenprole will find his justification - morally, ideologically - for his deeds in some of the ideas of these great thinkers.

This raises an interesting question. Many nationalists ask me how we can go about attracting more 'normal people' to nationalism, and how, at the same time, can induce the freaks, weirdos, lumpenproles to go away. One possible answer is that we can change our movement by changing our ideas. We have to look - take a long, deep, hard look - at the intellectuals whose work provides the basis of our movement. What idea, or set of ideas, is it that attracts these freaks and weirdos? Which thinker, which book?

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