Saturday, February 18, 2017

On Putin and the Yankee Colorado Beetles

Trump a Russian agent in the White House? Not so fast, say this week's headlines:

All in all, not a good week for the Putinistas, who put Trump on the same plane as Little Vladimir Putin and want Trump to follow a pro-Russian policy (which means recognising Putin's annexation of Crimea; supporting Putin's war crimes in Syria; and looking the other way at Putin's depredations in the eastern Ukrainian Donets region, which he wants to annex to Russia).

But Putinism leads - always - to a denial of reality. They almost consider Trump's America and Putin's Russia to be the one and same political organism (to use Yockey's term); but so long as the US and Russia exist as individual political units, they will always be opposed to one another and (potentially) range against each other as enemies. Trump's America won't, any time soon, forgo its sovereignty, dissolve itself and become absorbed into Putin's Russia; in other words, it won't become a Belarus or a pre-2014 Ukraine.

We find Putinistas everywhere on the Far Left and the Far Right. Yockey writes at length on the subject of Culture Distortion, what happens when one Culture's politics fall under the sway and distorted by the representatives of another. America belongs to the white, Western and European Culture; the Jews, to the Arabic, Islamic and Semitic. America's policy, after the election of Roosevelt in 1932, became distorted by America's large Jewish population which controlled American media, finance, publishing, entertainment, etc., at the time and still does to this day. Yockey regarded this as the classic example of Culture Distortion. Since 2014, a similar process is taking place on the Far Right - and Left - with Russians substituting for the Jews. Yockey would see this analogy as being not quite correct, as Russia shouldn't be considered as one of the seven High Cultures (the Western, the Arabic / Semitic, the Babylonian, the Egyptian, the Chinese, the Indian, the Mayan / Aztec); it stands outside the Western Culture, and all the Cultures, and henceforth should be seen as 'Barbarian'. But still, in essence we see another instance of Culture Distortion because the Western Far Right has been turned by foreigners away from its natural aim and is waging war against its own self. This is because of Putin's revival of hysterical, Soviet anti-American Cold War propaganda, his dusting-off of 'American Colorado Beetle'-style propaganda, which has had an outsized effect on the credulous minds of those who didn't live through the Cold War and thus are more susceptible and less experienced when it comes to Russian and communist tricks.

If you click on the link to the 'Stop Yankee Beetles: Crimes against Humanity' article, you'll notice the constant allusions to America's attempts to foment war and Russia's to bring about international peace. Putin's Russia has been at war since 2011, in Syria and the Ukraine, but he has successfully persuaded the Putinistas of the Left and Right that he is a man of peace, and that it is the wicked Americans - Obama, the neoconservatives, the liberal interventionist hawks - who want war and are the ones who started the war in Syria. Putin follows the old communist formula: practice militarism at home, preach pacifism abroad; interventionism for Russians, isolationism for Americans.

The best strategy for nationalists who wish to resist Putin is to follow Yockey's example and emphasise repeatedly the Asian-ness and foreign-ness of Russia, and point out the commonalities that exist between Putin and other members of the global elite (such as Hilary Clinton). Also, one should beat down any 'Whatabout-ism' - that is, the rhetorical line which Putinistas adopt when challenged, 'What about America's crimes?'. One must retain focus and stay on track: we are not discussing America, but Putin and the Putin Khanate.

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