Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas Gift from the Commies: Racist Anti-Semitism on the 'Left'

The phenomenon of left-wing anti-Semitism raises a few interesting questions. Number one, how real is it? We know that Jews habitually exaggerate anti-Semitism; they are often prone, for example, to conflating criticisms of Israel with anti-Semitism, even Nazism. Only today Jewish actress Roseanne Barr compared Obama to the Nazis because of the abstention on the UN anti-settlement vote.

Ah, Roseanne, if only that were true!

Question number two: who's behind it? You could be forgiven for thinking that the left-wing anti-Semites are white -  and that the Far Left has been infiltrated by the Far Right, and by Jew-baiters of the Julius Streicher type. But the racial and ethnic composition of the Left has changed since twenty years ago, especially in America and the UK. Muslims and other non-whites now predominate, and we know that anti-Semitism is acceptable in the Muslim world, and that blacks - especially Afro-Americans - are partial to it as well.

Which brings me to the blog of Andrew Coates, a left-winger from Britain. I'm not sure whether he's Jewish or not, but he certainly doesn't like left-wing anti-Semitism. He found this splendid image on a British Labour Party supporter Facebook group and it was not to his liking:

It was posted by a Muslim, Abdul Mansur.

An Ian Leask added:

From his Facebook profile, we can determine Leask is a Briton - not a Muslim.

Doesn't Leask sound like Oswald Mosley? Arnold Leese? The British fascism of the 1920s and 1930s originated on the Left - I don't care what the likes of Coates say - and perhaps a new fascism in Britain will emerge, organically, from today's British Left. One can only hope.

But we should be cautious. The British Left at present is divided up into two: on one side, the George Galloways, Tariq Alis, Seamus Milnes and all the rest of the neo-Stalinist, Assadist, Putinista and Islam-sympathising gang; on the other, the likes of Andrew Coates - men who won't countenance the Assads, Ghaddafis, Putins and other dictators and who shouldn't, unlike the first group, be viewed as agents of influence for the Iranian, Russian and Syrian Arab Republic states. As you may have guessed, the anti-Semites of the British Left belong to the first faction - unfortunately. Any Red-Brown alliance between anti-Semites of the Left and Right, then, is doomed to fail, because both the Far Right and Far Left members of such an alliance would only end up serving the interests of a Russia or China or Syria or Iran; they would not be agitating for a truly independent Europe outside of American and Russian influence - the Europe Yockey and other post-war fascist theorists wanted.

The liberal Far Left faction - the Coates faction - haven't thought things through. They don't understand that, when you renounce politics, you become the victim of someone else's politics. Those who in the 19th century anarchist and liberal tradition relinquish the state will end up being captured by a state. Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

In addition, politics entails (what 19th century idealists) regard as nasty things: taxes, conscription, secret police, executions - and war. Certain schools of socialism once preached that these would disappear once capitalism was abolished and true socialism achieved. Marx and Engels prophesied that, after the advent of true communism, the state would 'wither away'. But the heirs of Marx and Engels - Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Castro - proved to be the most warlike, brutal and oppressive of men. But they got to where they were, not through any 'revolution', but through force of arms, and once having seized power, they were prepared to fight - and kill - so as to keep that power.

The liberal Marxists of the Coates school would find my understanding of politics abhorrent - and fair enough. But it puts them in an interesting position. The likes of Putin, Ghaddafi, Assad can only be beaten, as a last resort, through the application of military force. But the only state actor which would use that force against them is - the United States. The liberal Marxists, then, must end up in bed with the liberal interventionists, the neoconservatives, the more hawkish of the Republicans and Democrats...

I myself would welcome an armed confrontation between Russia and the United States; I would like Russia to experience a military humiliation similar to the one it suffered at the hands of the Japanese in 1905. That would destabilise the Putin regime, and perhaps a discombobulated Putin would stop his incessant interfering in Western Far Right and nationalist politics. We on the Far Right would get the breathing space we need, to form our own 'Third Camp' which is neither US nor Russian.

The prospects for a recruitment drive for the Far Right from the Far Left look good. It's interesting to note that it's Jewry which has driven the likes of Ian Leask to take up what I would characterise as a Mosley-esque or Leese-esque position. We on the Far Right always assumed that it would be mass non-white immigration which would make the Far Left see the light; but, as things turn out, it's the Jews...

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