Saturday, December 24, 2016

Donald Trump, American Zio: Should We Do Anything About It?

A few of my anti-Semitic friends in the movement have been disturbed and confused by Trump's Israel First foreign policy, especially by his position on the anti-settlement vote at the UN:

We certainly live in strange times - of weird 'intersectionalities' to borrow a term from the Left. Assad, the 'anti-Zionist', talks - and acts - like the IDF; he is friends with Putin - who is friends with Netanyahu - and wants to be friends with Trump. Meanwhile, some of Trump's most passionate supporters can be found amongst the ranks of the Alt Right and the American white nationalist movement - both of which are anti-Semitic and despise the Jews and Israel. Other Trump supporters on the Far Right can be characterised as anti-Islamic only, and they make a profession out of opposing Islam. Most of these anti-Islamics like Assad, who portrays himself as a noble crusader against 'Islamism' and for 'secularism' - but wait, most of the soldiers doing the fighting and dying for him are 'Islamist' and 'fundamentalist', not to mention sectarian 'Islamists' and 'fundamentalist'. (I've learned from the Syrian war that one must draw a distinction between not only good and bad Muslims, but good and bad Islamists: the Islamists against Assad are bad, and 'Zionist'; the Islamists for him are good, and 'anti-Zionist'). Quite a few on the communist Left support Assad and Putin, but oppose Trump and the anti-Islamics and the populists; the latter group are condemned as 'fascist' and 'racist'. The communist Assadists decry 'Islamophobia' and view calls for 'secularism' in the West - e.g., the call for the banning of veils and hijabs in France - as a disguise for that 'Islamophobia'. At the same time, while virulently polemicising against any sort of 'ethnic profiling' - any sort of targeting of a people because of race, ethnicity, nationality and religious belief - they single out Israel and Jews and of all the nations and races of the world and vehemently denounce their 'Zionism'. It's all very confusing.

As to where I stand... I have identified myself several times - times without number, in fact! - on this blog as an anti-Semite, neofascist, Neo-Nazi,  whatnot; that remains my position to this day. But, to me, 'Neo-Nazism' doesn't mean a resolute opposition to Israel, Zionism, settlements in the West Bank; nor does it entail a firm advocacy of Palestinian rights and Palestinian nationalism. What matters above all is racialism; the main thing that counts is immigration restrictionism in the West. And here Trump will deliver the goods. Trump will build the wall. Trump will cut down - severely - on legal and illegal non-white immigration, and will give other Western nations (such as Germany, the UK, France and Australia) the impetus to do the same. The rights of Palestinians, or the fact that Israel is a nasty, deplorable and irredeemable state - on a par, I will add, with Syria and Iran - don't count for much in this equation.

We whites must look after ourselves. We don't do a good job of it; the Palestinians, on the other hand, do. In fact, they manage to get other people to attend to Palestinian interests too. The Palestinians have UN representation, for example. Supposing that the 'white ethnostate' existed: do you think that this would reap a fraction of the political, economic, diplomatic support that the Palestinians receive? The most likely answer is no. Look at what happened to apartheid-era South Africa, a white ethnostate which was Jew-friendly and even anti-Nazi (it fought for Britain against Germany in the Second World War): by the 1980s it had the entire world ranged against it. So did the American South in the 1950s and 1960s. The Palestinians, being brown, have done all right for themselves, unlike the white Southerners and Afrikaaners: they have respectability. True, they lost most of Palestine in 1948, and the remainder of it in 1967; but they have others fighting for them. We don't.

I bring this up because many nationalists seem to want to wage a jihad against Israel and 'Zionism' out of a desire to protect and further the Palestinian and Arab cause; they don't take up cudgels against international Jewry for the same reasons that Hitler and fascist Europe did in the 1930s and 1940s. Two anti-Semitisms exist, one pre-war, the other post-war. The two are inextricably linked, of course: the Talmud prophesies that the lost State of Israel shall be returned after a 'Holocaust', a 'fiery sacrifice' to the god Yahweh, which shall consume six million Jews, and that's exactly what happened after 1948. Israel would not have been founded without Hitler's gassing and cremation of the six million Jews. But, when all is said and done, the politics of today's anti-Semitism - inside and outside the West - bears little relation to the anti-Semitism of Europe past. Time has moved on since the 1940s and the politics have largely changed. Some of the Jewiest of right-wing publications, such as the Weekly Standard, Commentary and Breitbart (which is commonly miscategorised as 'Alt-Right') these days don't differ much in terms of content from Hunter Wallace, Steve Sailer, American Renaissance and VDare.

A few white nationalists of the George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce stripe make today's Jewry out to be the chief purveyors of all the filth, decadence and pornography of the world. The truth is that we non-Jews are now more than capable of coming with our own filth, decadence and pornography: we don't need Jewish help any more in that department, if we ever did. The same goes for race-mixing and non-white immigration.

Left-wing, liberal Jews did lobby to have laws against these things removed in countries such as Australia and America (but not in Israel, naturally); but that took place fifty years ago. White and Western politicians - and journalists, and intellectuals, and economists, and business leaders, and trade unionists - now, in the current year, are the ones responsible for bring hundreds of thousands of non-whites to our shores every year. Australian men don't race-mix with Chinese women because of the urgings of a Shlomo Shekelberg whispering, Wormtongue-like, in their ears... Many nationalists use the spectre of the Jew so that whites can be exonerated of any guilt, relieved of any responsibility. A Rockwell or Pierce would blame the North's desegregation drive in the 1950s and 1960s on the malign influence of 'commie and pinko Jews' on the Republican and Democrat administrations. Certainly, Jews from the North were involved, all right, but desegregation was mostly the doing of the Yankee WASPs. It was the Yankee's hatred of the Southerner, not the Jew's hatred of the goy, which served as the prime mover.

If anything, Jewish power has declined in the past ten years - ever since the catastrophe of the Bush 43 administration and the ascendancy of Obama and the (mainly non-Jewish) Social Justice Warriors. Which is why we hear endless complaining from the Jews about the new anti-Semitism of the 'Left' (really, the anti-Semitism of the Left and the Muslim immigrants); Jews are 'nervous', they feel discomfort, even fear, on campus and at left-wing demonstrations...

At any rate, we nationalists are called on to lend our support to Assad's blowing up and shooting down his fellow Arabs, because Assad is an 'anti-Zionist' and 'anti-Zionism' is good for the Arabs. Likewise, we must oppose Jewish settlements in the West Bank, because the dispossession of the Palestinians is bad for the Arabs. I don't understand how the interests of the white peoples of the world are affected in either case.

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