Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Alt Right endorses a non-white

Southern nationalist Hunter Wallace doesn't do Southern nationalism any more: he's been sucked into the Alt Right mire. Which, in turn means: Putin. Two occasional posters for Occidental Dissent, Jack Ryan and Marcus Cicero, have taken the site over and now determine its ideological direction, which has become one of Alt Right multi-cultism, Putinism, Assadism and now, after the Shayrat raid, anti-Trumpism.

Here's the latest from Ryan:

Finally some good news to report.
I’ve found a very articulate, intelligent, principled opponent to the latest Neo Conservative attack on Syria. She’s a young, apparently a high caste Hindu Indian American, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.
Tucker Carlson Fox Interview
Outside of not “naming the Jew” Rep. Gabbard says everything Pat Buchanan and we say about the lying, deceitful Neo Conservative, Zionist, Christian Zionist, Military Industrialists that pushed the counter productive US wars in Iraq and are now doing the same regarding Assad’s Syria. Miss Gabbard is apparently a veteran of the Iraq wars and she noted that Colin Powell and other Bush administration officials simply lied in front of the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and that these lies resulted in many Americans in the military that she personally knew were needlessly killed.
Just watch this interview – I’ve never seen a more intelligent, straight forward presentation of the truth against the Neo Conservative, Zionist war mongering lies.
Again, outside of not “naming the Jew” she’s doing it all.
Finally some good news! The arrival of a patriotic, honest, Alternative Left. Please hang out in Liberal Left places and let them know there is an alternative that is Liberal Left and strongly opposes these terrible wars.

White nationalists - and Southern nationalists - might find her ethnicity problematic, and so too her opposition to Trump's 'extreme vetting' of immigrants from Muslim countries.

But none of that matters: what does is her line on the Middle East, Syria and 'interventionism'. One commentator sums it up neatly:

What gives? The main thing is that Gabbard, like Jill Stein, another Assadist and Putinista, forms part of the opposition: Trump used to, but no longer. Once you cease being opposition, the Kremlin can no longer support you.

As Roman Skaskiw tweeted weeks before the bombing of the Shayrat airstrip:

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