Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In the New Cold War between the US and Russia, the Alt Right are the new communist party

Back in the days of the Cold War, the US Communist Party echoed the Kremlin line and followed it through every twist and turn. It did so out of ideological conviction and also because it received substantial funds from Russia.

What's the Kremlin line now on Trump? Medvedev's recent post on Facebook gives us a clue:

But in launching a military response that would have been unthinkable under Obama, Trump has both renewed and emboldened Putin's sense of purpose in defending Assad and painting the US as the aggressor. It has also allowed Russia to revert to its best-rehearsed, and most well-received, talking point: The US is an imperialistic actor with an impulsive leader whose loyalty lies not to his people but with "the establishment."

"This military action is a clear indication of the US president's extreme dependency on the opinion of the Washington establishment, the one that the new president strongly criticized in his inauguration speech," Medvedev wrote on Facebook.

"Soon after his victory, I noted that everything would depend on how soon Trump's election promises would be broken by the existing power machine. It took only two and a half months," he added.

'Trump has been gotten to', 'Trump now a pawn of the "establishment"', 'Trump has betrayed his base' for bombing one lousy airstrip: that's the exact same line as the one taken by Millenial Woes, who in his new video encapsulates the new Alt Right position on Syria, Assad, Putin and Trump.

Funny that, eh?

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