Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Arabs hail 'Abu Trump'

Hail Trump! No, it's not Richard Spencer, but the Arabs: see here, here and here.
Some interesting memes here, including one of Trump with a Muslim beard:

It gives an indication of hated Assad is in the Arab world.

Meanwhile, Reuters is running a story, 'Many Trump voters welcome US air strikes as show of strength'. I would go so far as to say that Trump, by bombing those airfields, has ensured his re-election. And a win in the House of Representatives in 2018.

Don't believe that Alt Right: the bombing of Syria wasn't electoral poison. The Assadist Alt Right are now alienating the pro-Trump base. Paul Joseph Watson savaged Trump in one of his videos, and then backtracked after he lost hundreds of subscribers. Likewise, Laura Southern put up an anti-Trump video and then took it down. As we see from this 4Chan thread:

 I quote from the French poster here:

Anonymous (ID: 2woPJXbm)  04/09/17(Sun)02:49:36 No.120152232▶
>>120151258 (OP)

They must be punished
They only pretend to be back, they lost so many subscribers and followers they they realised the money train might not come by
They should give a part of their revenues to an association or to a fundation
I don't believe those money grabbers really support President Trump

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