Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Putinista Tumour: Finstock's A Northern Alliance

Some cancers keep growing back after you excise them; Putinism is one such cancer. Read Robert Finstock's A Northern Alliance: Our Ultimate Salvation, published this week at Counter-Currents (Hunter Wallace wrote an approving post on it): it proves that Putinism never goes away, it just lies dormant for a week or two before bursting its head out of the Alt-Right's stomach like a baby Alien.

The entire premise of the article is flawed: Little Vladimir Putin loves Muslims and Muslim immigrants - they are overwhelming the Muscovites (the white and European Russians who live in the area of historical Muscovy) and will turn Muscovy into another France or Holland soon. Why, then, should the West shackle itself to a corpse?

Russia - which represents an unstable amalgam of Tatar, Mongol, Islamic and Byzantine culture - doesn't belong to the Western Culture anyway. Any reader of Yockey or Spengler - or Hitler - can see that.

But one can't really argue with a Putinista. You can argue until your blue in the face, but like the Jews Hitler used to argue with in his younger days (as we read in Mein Kampf), they'll concede a few points with you one day, go away, and then come back the next day and start on those same points as if yesterday's argument had never happened. It's like punching jelly. All I can do is post a 'dank meme' in response. (Warning: some may find these images offensive).

Here's an interesting quotation:

What does the 'Russian Victory Day' parade in Red Square commemorate,? The defeat of fascist Germany and the communist Russian occupation of Germany, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Yugoslavia, Poland: that doesn't sound 'non-pozzed' to me. In fact, it sounds pozzed - downright left-wing, in fact. No wonder our commie Left loves Putin! How do 'conservatives' and 'nationalists' in the West explain all this? Through nonsensical National-Bolshevik There-Is-No-Left-Or-Right rationalising.

All of this sails right over my head. I need a course in Dugin-logic.

This brings up the topic of Putin, the Jews and Putin's notorious anti-fascism culminating in these laws:


In May 2014, Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a law making the denial of Nazi crimes and "wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two" or portraying Nazis as heroes a criminal offence.[59][60]

The law forbids criticism of Soviet military tactics during the war, which led to the deaths of millions of Soviet soldiers.

(The same tactics have led to the deaths of hundreds? thousands? of casualties of soldiers on the Russian side in today's war in the Ukraine).

And don't mention the ghastly deportations of millions of Soviets to Siberia and the Urals, which led to millions of Soviet deaths - the greatest war crime of WWII and one acknowledge in the West and in Russia to this day.

But, to the Putinista, the laws banning Holocaust and WWII Revisionism only prove that Putin, the master chess player, is fighting Jewish power. Somehow.

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