Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Doxing the Enochs: Who Snitched?

According to Yockey's friend Gannon, doxing has been around since the 1950s at least. In those days - before the Internet - undercover members of the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith would meet with nationalists, obtain their contact details (so as to 'stay in touch') and then use that information to find out their identities, destroy their reputations and get them fired from their jobs.

The modus operandi - and the intent - of anti-nationalist and left-wing doxers hasn't changed those days, but something additional has been added - publicity. Starting from the 1970s, left-wing doxers would publicise the identities and addresses of nationalists far and wide, and attempt to whip up the populace into a hate-filled frenzy against a particular nationalist in the hope that some public-spirited individual - like the gunman who attempted to assassinate Governor George Wallace - would assault or even kill him.

So we shouldn't underestimate the seriousness of doxing. Those who make a practice of doxing their political foes are in effect calling for their destruction, which, taken to the ultimate level - Schmitt or Yockey would say the level of politics - means the death of one's opponent. Doxing, then, in nationalist and racialist circles should be treated as a crime meriting the severest penalty.

Regarding the Mike Enoch dox, the sequence of events is these. An anonymous person put out a call for the 'Death Panel' hosts of the Daily Shoah radio show at TheRightStuff.Biz to be doxed; this was in the /baphomet/ sub-forum of 8Chan which is entirely devoted to doxing. Two of the hosts - BulbaSaur and Seventh Son ('Sven') - were doxed at /baphomet/, and the information was posted for all to see at the main forum of 8Chan, which is the political one, /pol/. The moderators of /pol/ did not remove this information, and anyone who protested was shouted down. The excuse was that the members of the Right Stuff forum, 504um, had 'offended' 8Chan /pol/ somehow, and so the hosts of the Daily Shoah deserved to be doxed. All this raises these interesting questions: who put the call out for the Shoah hosts to be doxed at /baphomet/, who - if anyone - leaked that information at /baphomet/, and who posted that information at /pol/? And why was an ostensibly nationalist and racialist forum - /pol/ - used in this manner?

As readers may know, Mike Enoch - real name Mike Peinovich - was doxed at /baphomet/ soon afterwards, and the information again was circulated at /pol/. If it was the Antifa who did this, this time they scored an own goal. The New York resident Peinovich - who himself had long been rumoured to have been Jewish - was revealed to have been married to a Jewess for at least ten years, a woman who was a typical New York 'liberal values', ethnocentric Jewess at that. The odd thing was that Enoch, the main host of the Daily Shoah, had taken an aggressively anti-Semitic line for years, and his wife would have known of his politics - indeed, she even participated in it, reading a 'Nazi Christmas poem' on air a few episodes ago. Peinovich became disgraced in the eyes of many of the movement. Luminaries such as Andrew Anglin, David Duke, Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson have leapt to his defence, but the majority of The Right Stuff's followers feel betrayed.

The interesting question - again - is, who did the doxing? Rumours have swirled that the Alt-Lite personality Rob Cernovich - a Jew and a Zionist - was responsible; Cernovich had announced weeks beforehand that a prominent, 'obese' leader of the Alt-Right was married to a Jewish wife, without naming names. (It turns out that a few higher-ups in the Alt-Right -= Greg Johnson, for example - had known about Peinovich's Jewish wife all along). The doxer could have been Cernovich or someone else who had known. My guess is that it was an inside job. In my experience, the Antifa don't do much doxing - they don't possess sufficient skill or knowledge to work out someone's identity online; it's the people in the nationalist and racialist scene - often people you counted as friends - who end up being the ones who supply the information. They do this out of spite or, more often, because they've cut a deal with the Antifa or the Feds or both.

The Peinovich drama is still ongoing, and Peinovich is attempting to save what is left of his political career. He claims to have separated from his wife, an announcement which has been met with scepticism and is seen as the transparent political ploy that it is.

I will save an evaluation of Peinovich's and the Right Stuff's politics for another post. For now I just want to make the argument that, putting Peinovich and his wife to one side for the moment, BulbaSaur and Seventh Son shouldn't have been doxed, especially by a board which claims to be nationalist, racialist, fascist. Some at /pol/ have threatened to dox JazzHands and Halberstram, the hosts of Fash the Nation - the other premier Right Stuff radio show. Given that we don't know who the doxers, snitches and informants are at the moment, we should stay away from 8Chan /pol/ and not trust it; the people who are snitches, informants and left-wing doxers there are using the board for their own ends.

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