Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Left changes its tune on Trump

With such vehement opposition from Big Business - and I mean really Big Business - to Trump's travel ban, the fiction that Trump is a 'neoliberal' and a tool of the capitalist class becomes harder to sustain; so too does the notion that Trump's 'racist' immigration policies are caused by 'capitalism'.

One could oppose immigration on socialist, and not racialist, grounds. Marx writes that capital needs as big a population as possible, because the more 'variable capital' - i.e., labour - there is, the more surplus value the capitalist can extract. A lot of Marxism is true, but today's Left chooses to ignore it.

Trump will soon be cracking down on H-1B visas:

As the article tells us, H-1B enables 'tech' companies to dump American workers and exploit foreign ones:

There are signs that the Left is beginning to wake up to reality, and is seeing that what Trump wants and what the 'capitalist class' wants are two different things. A communist called Marvin Gandall wrote this and uploaded it to the Marxist PEN-L list, and reposted it at the Marxmail list:

(posted to PEN-L by Marvin Gandall)

Unlike Trump’s base in the petty bourgeoisie and declining sectors of the working class, the dominant multinational corporations require the free flow of labour, capital, goods and services.
The business breach with the anti-immigrant position of the Trump administration extends across the spectrum from the liberal capitalists of Silicon Valley to the right-wing libertarians aligned with the Koch brothers.

He includes a link to the Washington Post article, 'Backlash from big business grows over Trump travel ban'.

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