Friday, January 27, 2017

The Holocaust Undermines Itself: WWII Twitter on Auschwitz Liberation Day

I've been subscribing to WWII Twitter (@RealTimeWWII) for years. It has been tweeting every day of the war, since the start of it in September 1939, and often includes some interesting photos.

Unfortunately, the feed showcases plenty of Holocaust propaganda, which has marred all the histories of WWII published since the 1970s. After the Holocaust has been debunked, future historians will look at the West's Holocaust obsession and shake their heads...

WWII Twitter has now come up to January the 27th - Auschwitz Liberation Day. (Amusingly, Holocaust Revisionists have grabbed the domain name for January the 27th for their own: see here). The interesting thing about the Auschwitz liberation tweets is that the emancipated prisoners don't seem emaciated; they look like sleek, happy, well-fed seals. Indeed, some of them look fatter than I do.

The text of these tweets is at odds with the content of the pictures.

The only person who looks badly off is this poor little fellow, who probably is suffering from typhus:

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